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i bet if you asked niall for some wedding cake he’d place it in his mouth and attach his lips to yours and stick his tongue in your mouth and share the cake with you 

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Chapter 2 - Dark (Niall Version)

"Charlie, it’s been a week. Call the cops and report his ass for stealing your phone!"

I sighed and took a sip of my coffee before putting it back down on the counter.

"Perrie. You didn’t hear him or feel how terrifying he was. If I did that, he’d hurt me. I know it.” I leaned forward so my arms were supporting me up. I looked around the room, not surprised with how packed Starbucks was at 10 am.

Perrie sighed, looking around the crowded room as well, “Wanna head out?” I nodded, and we gathered our things and left the coffee shop. We traipsed to her car before getting in.

"Let’s go to my place," I tried lightening the mood, "we could watch Toddlers&Tiara’s reruns and make fun of the psycho mothers.”

Perrie let out a loud laugh before clearing her throat, “Dolla make you holla honey boo boo child!”

We both busted up into laughter as Perrie drove to my house. We got there quickly, considering Starbucks wasn’t very far from where I lived.

"Mom, I’m home! Perrie’s here!" I called as I unlocked the door and began removing my shoes

"Hey Charlie! One of your friends stopped by not to long ago," my mom smiled as she walked up to greet Perrie and I. I exchanged a look with my pink haired best friend.

"Which friend?" Perrie asked for me, basically reading my mind.

"His name was Niall, he left this note," Mum handed Perrie the note, seeing that I was struggling to take of my left shoe. I got it off before standing up straight.

"I don’t have a friend named Niall," I stated confused before taking the note from Perrie and reverting my attention back to my mother.

"Oh," Mum looked just as confused as Perrie and I, "Well he had blonde hair, blue eyes, very tall, quite handsome, and had an Irish accent."

Perrie and I both froze. Niall was the dumb ass from the bar! How did he know where I lived?

"Oh," I tried to play it off, "Now I know who your talking about. Niall," I looked at Perrie, pleading she would play along.

"Oh yeah! That Irish exchange student from class!" 

Thank God for Perrie Edwards.

We hurried upstairs and bounced onto my bed. Perrie locked my door and joined me on the purple duvet.

"What does the note say?"

I folded open the paper before reading it out loud.

"If you want your phone back, you’ll meet me at Italiones tomorrow at 6. Wear something pretty, baby(; ."

"What the hell?" Perrie and I shouted in sync, exchanging weird looks. "He want’s a fucking date!" Perrie said, anger clear in her voice, "You can’t go, he might rape you or something!"

"Perrie," I tried calming her down, "I couldn’t go even if I wanted to. I have dance practice tomorrow night."

I smiled at the thought. Dancing was basically my life. I’ve been dancing ever since I was two years old, it was my passion.

Anyways, there was a huge competition in about a month coming up, and the grand prize is 2000 pound and a full scholarship to London School of Arts! 

I had been training almost every night, except for Saturdays. which is when I go to work. My whole schedule for the next month is completely booked, and not even a creep like Niall could mess with that.


Sorry it took so long to update! I’ve been so busy, maybe you could follow my main 1d account ( mulinlust ) and let me know if you want updates to encourage me? lol sorry, im a grade a procrastinator. 


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Dark - Chapter 1 (Niall Version)

Dark Niall, Chapter 1. Please Read lovelies! And don’t worry, this isn’t going to be the exact same plot line as Dark (Harry), it’ll be different!

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